Scuba Diving In Hurghada

Our diving center offers diving trips in Hurghada, select from what you want: Scuba diving, diving courses, specialized courses, Or watch Hurghada Grand Aquarium.  


Hurghada Grand Aquarium.

Hurghada Grand Aquarium is the first and largest aquarium in the Red Sea.  

The underwater world is interesting for everyone, Many divers come to dive here in hurghada for specific types of fish ,Sometimes they find this types sometimes do not, Here in Hurghada Grand Aquarium, it is easy to admire many species of fish. 

The following fish species can be seen in the aquarium:

Red Sea Clownfish, Scissortail Sergeant, Red Sea Picasso Fish, Starry buffer Masked buffer, Threadfin butterflyfish, Red Sea banner fish, Masked butterflyfish, Green Sea Turtle, Whitetip reef shark, Oceanic white tip, Spotted eagle ray, Black spotted stingray, Blue Spotted stingray, Clearfin lionfish, moray Yellow mouth and many more ... 


Where are we?

We are located in the center of Hurghada, Our diving company offers diving trips in hurghada, we start with the known dive sites and snorkelling sites such as the Delphi house or the beautiful Giftun island offer scuba diving, wreck diving from a boat or from the beach , as well as deep diving or night dive, we will fulfill your desires! 


Hurghada Diving Information.

Diving in Hurghada is a dive from the best and most important places in the world for diving due to the variety of corals and colorful fish, Many divers prefer for many reasons Dive here in Hurghada, If we Look for the dive prices in the world  will find  it is too expensive, but our  diving center in Hurghada offers the best price in the area. Here you can learn to dive low. 


Diving trips in Hurghada.

Dive trips in Hurghada,Here is many activities from scuba diving and recreational activities such as snorkeling. There are many coral reefs and dive sites,You will find here Day trips and excursions week.  
Day trips start at about 9:00 am and end at 17:00. Likewise, snorkeling excursions  is swimming with mask, snorkel and fins on 3 or 4 different places in the sea where coral reefs and many colorful fish discovered. After snorkeling, we are on the island Giftun, go with soft sand, to relax. At the end it goes back to the starting point.

Dive trips are  for all those, who are interested in diving,if you have a dive Certificate or you need to make Discover Scuba Diving, and consist of two different dive sites. The first dive will be nearly at 10:00 Upon completion of the first dive we will waiting the lunch time,After the rest of the lunch we will go for the second dive site then we come back to the marina.

Week trips, so-called liveaboard, takes place in the north or in the south of the Red Sea and is only available for divers who have a license. It is located throughout the week on the boat, that is one sleeps and eats there. A dive consists of four different dives, one in the morning, two during the day and a night dive. There is the opportunity to dive with sharks to complete deep dives, wreck diving, night diving. 



Scuba Diving Courses in Hurghada.

If you make a diving course in Hurghada , it does not only in the Swimming Pool as many places in Europe,But here in Hurghada is different about many things,your course dive will be in the sea around the coral and many fish,here the experience,here the best dive course price in hurghada.


Open Water Diver Course.
The Open Water Diver Course (OWD) it is the first step if you want to become a diver,The following program is completed in a four-day course: DVD and dive in a pool or shallow place in the sea on the 1st day, the other days are spent on the boat. The maximum depth is 18 m.



Advanced Open Water Diver Course.
Advanced Open Water Diver it is opportunity to learn under the supervision of your guides to get more dives as well as to increase self-confidence underwater, New skills and knowledge around scuba diving, deep sea diving, wreck diving, night diving, ... be learned, Here the maximum depth is 30 m.



Discover Scuba Diving Trip in Hurghada.
Discover Scuba Diving in Hurghada is for those who have never dive before and want to know the experience of the underwater world, Discover Scuba Diving is an ideal opportunity to gain an insight into the diving and to take a look under the water, Collect the first experience with diving gear and get the feeling of breathing underwater.,Together we will explore the underwater world! We offer two dives at two different places on the day. The most important thing: Diving is fun !!  


Snorkeling Trip in Hurghada.
Because some divers want to take their family members also on the boat, we offer for non-divers snorkel,Join us at two different places per and can view the underwater world with scuba mask, snorkel and fins. For all non-swimmers, there are life jackets on board.  

Professional Diving.
Professional Diving means for divers who have a license from Open Water Diver to Instructor, Since you are professional diving, we will go together to special places, Our program goes beyond normal diving, drift diving, wreck diving to deep sea diving. If you are interested in night diving, we can arrange for you! On the day we will have two dives at two different places.  

special trips.
Depending on the weather we have the opportunity, exciting wrecks, such as Salem Express, Abu Nuhas and Thistlegorm to achieve in a day trip.


            We offer diving courses from PADI and CMAS!


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