Diving in Hurghada

Our diving center in Hurghada offers diving from beginners to professional divers for the best prices. Choose from daily diving, diving courses, discover scuba diving, special courses, snorkeling trips and more. Courses will be done for PADI or CMAS certification.

Where we are?

You will find our diving center / diving school in the middle of Hurghada in Arabia hotel area. In this street there are numerous hotels for divers such as some of the Azur chain (Arabia Azur, Arabella Azur, Bel Air Azur) and more.

What are we offering?

Our diving center in Hurghada offers a great variety of diving trips. Choose from what you want and we will fulfill your wishes! Diving courses from Open Water to the Dive Master from PADI and CMAS , special dives such as wreck diving, deep diving and Nitrox course. Introduction diving or just enjoying the day on the boat and discover the underwater world while snorkeling. All these offers and more are available with us, Diving Forever, for the best prices in Hurghada. We are starting to the famous dive sites and snorkeling areas of Hurghada.

Diving in Hurghada

Hurghada, with a diversity of corals, colorful fishes and intact reefs, is one of the best and most important diving location in the world. Many divers prefer to dive in Hurghada for many reasons. The diving prices are lower than other spots in the world. In our english diving center Hurghada you can dive or complete a diving course for a appropriately price. Our diving center Hurghada will offer you the best price in the Hurghada area.

In Hurghada diving you will find a beautiful underwater world with coral reefs, a good view from 10m to 20 m or even more and pleasant water temperature. These are also very good reasons to learn diving in our diving center Hurghada. Of course you can take your certification all arround the world, even in lakes, but isn ́t better to learn diving or improving your diving skill in the Red Sea? Our diving Center in Hurghada offers you many options for diving and enjoying the Red Sea.

If you want to learn diving in our diving center in Hurghada you can do a diving course and will be certified with PADI or CMAS. Here in Hurghada you will have many possibilities to gain expierence, continue your diving skill with speacalitys and having a lot of fun during your stay in Hurghada.

Already the fun of diving will come when you decide to start a diving course with hurghada diving, you will watch videos and read a book for getting some information about diving, which you will get from our scuba diving center Hurghada. Our diving center Hurghada will teach you why a boat stays on surface and why a small screw will sink. Also you will learn about buoyancy and movement underwater.
After you will start to get underwater and in shortly time you will continue your course while a daily boat trip. You will discover the colorful underwaterworld here in Hurghada with corals, fishes and you will see the world from a different perspective.
With Hurghada diving you will feel immediatly the difference between underwater and surface, when you get this feeling you will see how much fun diving is.

This is only a brief information and introduction about diving in Hurghada and about our diving center in Hurghada. More expierence, information and as well the enjoyment and fun of diving you will get with our scuba diving center in Hurghada.

Dont forget: diving is fun!

Diving Trips in Hurghada

Boat trips in Hurghada are ranging from daily excursions for scuba diving to recreational acitivities like snorkeling.

Hurghada Diving offers a lot of dive sites and coral reefs. Daily trips are starting from 9.00 and end around 17.00.

Our diving trips consist of two differnt dive sites and is for all who are interested in Discover Scuba Diving or already certified divers. The first dive of our daily trip takes place arround 10.00. After completing this dive, relax on the boat, enjoying egyptian sun and having a fresh prepaired delicious lunch.
After the break the boat will bring you to the second dive site. On the way back to marina you will have again time to relax and enjoy your trip with Diving Hurghada. The transfer from your hotel and back is guaranteed by us, diving hurghada.

Diving safaris, called Live Aboard, taken place in the north or south of the Red Sea and are for certified divers. You will stay one week on the boat, sleeping, eating and of course diving. A diving day consists for three to four dives on different dive sites. Early morning dive, two dive during the day and a night dive. There is possilitiy for deep dive, wreck dives or even diving with sharks. If you interest in diving safari feel free to contact our diving center in Hurghada, Diving Forever, for more information.

Diving courses in Hurghada

If you decide to make a diving course and get a diving certification or continue on with specialtys during your holiday in Hurghada, our scuba diving center in Hurghada offers you a lot of possibilities by PADI or CMAS. You will see....diving hurghada, with Diving Forever, is fun!

Open Water Diving course in Hurghada

The first step to become a diver is the Open water Diver course (OWD). The program can be completed in four days with our diving center in Hurghada. Watching DVD, some theory and diving exercises in the swimming pool or shallow water at the first day, the other days you will join on the boat with a daily trip.
Another option for OWD is to start the first day from the boat with an introduction dive. The DVD you can watch relaxed at the evening in your hotel (think about to bring your computer with you) or watch it during the trip on the boat. The following days you will stay also on the boat to continue your OWD course. The maximum depth is 18 meters.
The necessary theory book for your OWD course you will get from our Scuba Diving Center Hurghada at the first day.

Advanced Open Water Diving course in Hurghada

Prerequisite for an Advanced Open Water Diver course (AOWD) is your OWD certificate or euquivalent. It lasts 2 days with 5 dives and offers the possibility to get more diving experience under supervision of an diving instructor, increase your self confidence underwater, learn new skills and knowledge about diving like deep diving, navigation, wreck diving or night diving. Here the maximum depth is 30 meters.

Snorkeling in Hurghada

We are also offering snorkeling trips with our Scuba Diving Center Hurghada on the diving boat because some divers want to spend their holidays together with family members and they are nong divers. You can come with us on our daily trips and explore the beautiful underwaterworld of the Red Sea with your mask, snorkel and fins. For all non-swimmer are live jackets on our boat.

One of Hurghadas best known daily trip is snorkeling to Giftun Island. Our Snorkel excursion starts between 8.30 and 9.30 in the morning. Our guide from our diving center in Hurghada will give you a boat briefing and explain you the schedule of the day. You will learn how to use your mask, snorkel and fins, we will give you some introduction for marine life and we jump into the water and look at colorfull corals, fishes and an impressiv underwaterworld. The program includes two differnt coral reefs for snorkeling.
Of course our Diving center in Hurghada offers life jackets for all non-swimmers. Our lunch will take place after the first snorkel excursion on the boat. After this, we will start to the Giftun Island. Small boats will bring us to the beach of Giftun Island and we will spend arround 1 to 1,5 hour there on this beautiful sand beach. This time could be used to enjoy egyptain sun, taking pictures, have a drink at the cozy bar (drinks at the bar will be charged, no toilet on the island) or only to relax and enjoying your holiday. After the boats will pick us up and we will be back at marina in Hurghada arround 4 pm and 5 pm.

Introduction diving in Hurghada

If you have never dived before and would like to see the underwaterworld and get a new expierence our diving center in Hurghada offers you introduction diving Hurghada. Intro diving in our scuba diving Center Hurghada is the perfect opportunity to look into another world. Get first expierence with dealing with diving equipment, breathing underwater and the feeling of hurghada diving. Together with our diving instructors you will explore the underwaterworld and see how much fun diving in Hurghada is. Our Scuba diving center Hurghada offers two introduction dives in two differnt dive sites during our daily trips. You will love it!

Introduction diving course in Hurghada

An Introduction diving course in our Diving Center in Hurghada lasts one day and is nearly the same like introduction diving. Differnce is you will get more diving expierence, doing some exercises under the water like clear your mask, take out the regulator and some buoyancy skills. In addition you will learn how to prepare your diving equipment. For this Introduction diving course in Hurghada you will get a Discover Scuba diving certification and if you like to continue on with OWD course the first step is already done. The maximum depth here will be 8 to 10 meters.

Professional diving in Hurhgada

Special Diving Hurghada means diving for all certified divers from Open Water Diver till Instructor. We will go for diving in special places together, differnt kind of dives like wreck diving, deep dives, drift diving or pick up dives. If you interested in night dives do not hesitate to contact us.....we will arrange it for you.

Hurghada Dolphin House

Dolphins feel comfortable in warm water. Most of the time we will find this amazing animals at the Dolphin house in Hurghada. This destination is very popular for diving and snorkeling. Our diving center in Hurghada start our day trip to the Dolphin house Hurghada earlier than other excursions because it is located like 90 minutes from our diving center Hurghada. On the way are several places where dolphins like to stay. If we will meet them already on the way of course we will stop our boat and we will swim together with this fabulous animals. At the Dolphin house we will spend more time to join the dolphins. After our lunch we will change the dive site and observe the underwaterworld of the Red Sea with all the differnt corals and fishes. Between 16.00 and 17.00 we will be back from our trip with Hurghada diving. Transfer like always be done by our Diving Center Hurghda. Enjoy your holiday!

Private boat trip in Hurghada

If you prefer to enjoy some privacy together with your familiy or friends, Hurghada Diving is offering also privat boat trips for diving or snorkeling. The beauty of Red Sea will fascinate you. You choose how to schedule your day on the boat, diving, snorkeling, visit Giftun Island or even swimming with dolphins in Hurghada. Enjoy your stay on your private boat in Hurghada with us!

We are offering diving in Hurghada & courses from PADI and CMAS!

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